How to create beautiful blue water with The Dreamy

If you are familiar with presets, you've probably already had the issue of buying presets that just DON'T look like the examples and need A LOT of tweaking before they are finally done. And on top of that; they only fit on certain types types of photos with the perfect lighting.. 

Luckily, The Dreamy is not one of those and does as promised. 

The Dreamy is a real "One-Pack-Fits-All" preset pack and fits perfectly on any type of photo, but when it comes to photos in the sea.. you might want to make one minor adjustment.  ;-) 

 Let's show you why: 

Photo after applying The Dreamy:

As you can see, the color of the sea looks a bit... greenish? Not really what we want right?  So let's change that by making one minor change and make it look like this:


All we did was bring the temperature down a little as you can see on the image (pointed out in red) That's it!  Easy breezy & the edit is done.  :-)